Saturday, January 15, 2011


I get so tired of working with teenagers. So many petty fueds and cat-fights that I just want to toss my keys on the counter and walk out!

So I recently read all the way through "The Hunger Games" trillogy and must say that I recommend it as a read. I love dysotopian (post-apocolyptic) stories, being addiced to things like Book of Eli, Crossed, the various zombie apocolyps stuff, etc; and thusly it shouldn't be suprising that I liked this story quite a bit. The world is so bizzare, yet grounded with enough realism that it isn't TOO much to swallow like some other fantasy writers I know *cough*Asimov*cough*(not that I dislike him or anything, haha).
You follow a few years of the life of one Catness Everdeen, a citizen of District 12 in the realm of Panam. The district itself is located in what we call, in this day and age, the Rocky Mountains. The modern world was torn assunder by many different plagues and wars, eventually devolving into a wilderness where Panam is the only known civilization we are exposed to in this story.
There are 12 districts surrounding the Capitol(the only name given for the city), and the blased ruins of the 13th district, which lead a revolt many years before and was "made an example of" by way of complete annihillation.
To impose its will and remind the districts of how they are subjigated, every year one boy and one girl, ranging in ages from 13 to 18, are randomly selected from each district to compete in the "Hunger Games" for the Capitol citizens' entertainment.
The catch is; the "Game" is actually a survival contest. Each child must fight and kill. 24 kids enter the games, only one comes out alive.

That was fun. I might actually stear this blog into book reviews.
So I guess today is the day Anonymous wants you to dust off your Guy Faux masks and hit the protest rallys accross the nation in support of freedom. Its a pretty good cause and if I didn't work today I'd be there myself. They're trying to bring down internet cencorship, suppressing the press, blocking freedom of speach, and other such values we hold important in America.

Check 'em out at

Friday, January 14, 2011


A guildy reminded me of the game Fable, so I dusted off my old copy and started plowing through it again. I love this game, lol

Ugh, so gross

I go to a community gym, so I know that most people who go there live quite close. Considering this; why do the dude still insist on getting buck-naked and showering there when it so easy to nip home and take care of it in the privacy of your own domicile?
Oh well, at least I got my weight goals in check and the progress is good. Will hit goal weight in no time!

Well Hi there

Hey, just getting started on this blog thing. I think I'll keep it short for now. I'll be heading to the gym soon, then jog back. Perhaps a more substantial  update at that time.